Why Saving Cash Frequently Costs Entrepreneurs In A Major Way

This past year we experienced 3 accountants.


It’s it because we’re sloppy using the books?

Or possibly careless?

Or, possibly discomfort within the butt clients?

No, nothing beats that.

This is because because i was being cheap.

The thing is, we figured we wanted something modern-day than H&R Block… but did not think we wanted anybody particularly vibrant or costly.

I am talking about, figures are figures, right?

With today’s software it isn’t brain surgery.

Approximately we thought, a minimum of.

And many several weeks of unanswered telephone calls in one accountant (are you able to think that?), bad advice along with other misadventures (too numerous to enter here)… we finally found our senses, stopped being cheap, and sally forthed to employ an Enrolled Agent.

What’s an Enrolled Agent?

EA’s are specifically trained accountants through the IRS.

They are fully aware the tax laws and regulations like the rear of their hands. They are fully aware what’s legal what is actually not. Plus they understand how the bureaucratic “game” is performed.

Obviously, our EA is not always “cheap.”

But he’s Worth the extra investment.

Especially with regards to saving time and effort.

Anyway, here’s the purpose:

It does not matter whether it’s a cpa, an attorney, coach, copywriter, consultant, website coder, designer or perhaps anyone to mow your lawn…

When it is “mission critical” don’t scrimp.

Scrimping might appear like advisable initially.

But, as the word goes: You receive that which you purchase.

Or, like a not-always-wise man once stated:

“Scrimps are wimps.”