Where could you find the extraction points on a woods map of EFT?

Why is it needed?

Escape from Tarkov is a game of a player trying to get out of a war-torn city named Tarkov with the help of weapons and benefits got through EFT cheats. It is developed by a Russian developer based on the war going on in ancient Russia. People claim that the game is tedious compared to others due to the realism of the features and character behavior. Your objective will be to collect as many items as you can by killing your opponents and get out of the town. But how could you get out? There comes the need for an extraction point. In EFT, extraction is the process of taking the players out of the war field with all the belonging they carry. However, there will be some restrictions and requirements to pass through an extraction point. Some points will allow only the Scavengers, while some exits will be exclusive for the PMCs. As there are numerous different maps in the game, the location of the exit points will not remain the same. So, you should beware of the locations of every extraction point in each map. In this article, let us discuss some of the extraction points of the woods map of Escape from Tarkov.

What is a Woods map?

There will be several maps in the game, and each map will have an entirely different setting. Woods map is the adventure into the dense forests of Tarkov. You will spawn somewhere in the forest and will face wild animals along with your opponents and artificial bots. The number of distractions will be higher in this map, and you should learn all the extraction points to be in touch with the game always. Once you feel you have collected the necessary items, you should head to the exit points and extract them. Some of these exits are as below.

Exit points in Woods map

UN Roadblock – It will not require anything to pass and is open to both PMCs and Scavs. You can find a wall with EVAC graffiti on the northwestern corner of the map. Once you reach the wall, extraction will start.

ZB-014 – On the east side of the map, this exit point will be hiding behind the closed door of a bunker. There will be a green light above the door that indicates the availability of the extraction point as it will not be available all the time. Regardless of whether you are a PMC or a Scavenger, you can travel through this.

ZB-016 – It is also an exit point inside the bunker on the west side of the map. But only PMCs can pass through this exit. There will be a crashed airplane to indicate the point and it will not be available all the time. If you drop a hole on the ground, you will find a staircase. If the staircase is lit, the exit is available.

Apart from these points, you can exit through Cliff Descent, Outskirts, and Factory gate also.