The Politics Of Branding

Among the advantages of the present presidential election cycle is we have three candidates who, from the branding perspective, are completely different (however, exactly the same can’t be stated for that candidates on more substantive issues, but that is another publish). We’ve Obama, who’s all new and fresh. Hillary Clinton’s brand is difficult and smart while John McCain’s brand is reliable and independent.

Quite simply, the candidates for president are political brands who are attempting to make us buy their product. They may be likened to Coke products with Hillary Clinton as Diet Coke. She has been around for any lengthy time and you will find individuals who’re brand ambassadors for Diet Coke, but you will find other people who simply hate Diet Coke. Quite simply, Hilary Clinton is polarizing meaning that does not everybody feels that she’s either to the task to be Commander-in-Chief or blame her for waiting her man, or other host of reasons. But the truth is, many people feel clear on what they will get with Hillary Clinton as president, because they would when opening a container of Diet Coke.

John McCain is Coke Classic. Why mess with a decent factor may be the question many could inquire about McCain. He’s the military experience and definitely existed the Washington block. Like Diet Coke, you’re certain what you’re getting, but there’s still a sense that you desire to test something totally new. Many Americans aren’t sure they would like to back McCain while he may represent a lot of same Coke we have been consuming for pretty much eight years, so that they might want to mix things up and check out other Coke products.

Obama is really a new Coke product which has recently joined industry. Many people such as the cool product there were lots of early adopters, however, many continue to be unsure they are prepared to do this new Coke product once they such as the original copies all right. In non-marketing speak, this means that Obama’s the brand new kid on the market who offers to differ compared to politicians we are utilized to getting represent us in Washington. Obama is incorporated in the safeguard testing phase. It seems that he’ll reach market and do very well.

No matter what, it’s interesting for marketers to check out politicians as brands. Whenever we do, we are able to look out of the rhetoric after which really start searching in the substantive issues that can make or break a candidate’s campaign and eventual presidency. It’s less important when we just like a candidate, wish to have her or him over for supper or share a beer. What’s important is who are able to best run the nation which help us move ahead from all of these tough economic occasions.